The Ark is committed to participating in missions. As part of our commitment to the body of Christ we tithe to mission organizations from the offerings given to the church. We currently support International Leadership Institute with our giving. For more information about International Leadership Institute please visit their website

Pastor Kevin visited Swaziland this past September to teach the leadership principles of ILI. This is a Flash presentation of his trip to Swaziland. Please click on the image to advance each frame. If you have a slower computer you may access an html version of the presentation here.

Missions Update

Pastor Kevin will be teaching and preaching in Swaziland this September. He will be leaving the United States Sept. 13 and returning Sept. 29. While in Swaziland he will be teaching and training with International Leadership Institute. He will have the privilege of teaching with alumni from his last teaching assignment in Swaziland. The team Pastor Kevin will be with will hold four regional conferences in various places in Swaziland. At the conclusion of his trip he will be preaching at Manzini Christian Community Church.

Pastor Kevin met the pastor of MCCC, Jim Machuku, last September. Jim has planned an outreach to the community and has invited Pastor Kevin to participate with him and the church.

Pastor Kevin is seeking assistance in providing ink cartridges and CDs for the ministry in Swaziland. He is seeking new HP 94 (black) and HP 97 (color) ink cartridges and CDs in packages of 25. Office Max sells comparable ink cartridges for HP printers, and those cartridges are acceptable as well. While 25 packs of CDs are a bit more expensive they are easier to pack and carry.

If you can provide either ink cartridges or cds, you may bring them to worship. If you would like to make a donation to help with purchasing the materials, gifts may be sent to the church mailing address, 1319 W. Bullard Ave. suite #8 Fresno, Ca 93711 or brought to worship.

Please mark your checks for Swaziland Missions Materials.