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Introducing the New Testament

New Testament Binder Intro

Intro to Mark

The Message of Matthew

Looking at Luke

Journey Through John

Accessing Acts

Reading Romans





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Introduction to the New Testament pt1
Introduction to the New Testament pt2
Introduction to the New Testament pt3

Introduction to Mark pt1
Introduction to Mark pt2
Introduction to Mark pt3

The Message of Matthew pt1
The Message of Matthew pt2
The Message of Matthew pt3

Journey Through John pt1
Journey Through John pt2
Journey Through John pt3

Looking at Luke pt1
Looking at Luke pt2
Looking at Luke pt3

Accessing Acts pt1
Accessing Acts pt2
Accessing Acts pt3

Reading Romans pt1 A
Reading Romans pt1 B
Reading Romans pt1 C

Reading Romans pt2 A
Reading Romans pt2 B
Reading Romans pt2 C

Galatians pt1
Galatians pt2
Galatians pt3

Surviving Life's Storms pt1
Surviving Life's Storms pt2