Worship at the Ark is comfortable and is interactive. We sing together, read from God's Word (using the Psalms, Old Testament, Gospels, and Epistles), pray, study, and share at the Lords Table together. When we study the Word together, questions and comments are invited and encouraged. As followers of Jesus our goal is to learn about the God we serve and worship Him with our whole heart, mind, and strength.

Worship on Sunday morning is a time to gather with other followers of Jesus who want to study His Word and to share together. We celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and remember that we are called to serve Him faithfully every day.

Sunday School for adults is a time to ask questions of the pastor from your Bible reading during the week. As you read through the Bible, using the Daily Reading Plan, please feel free to bring your questions on Sunday morning or to email the pastor with your questions during the week. There are no questions that are too dumb or too stupid. Please feel free to ask any questions that are raised during your reading.

Children learn from the FaithWeaver curriculum from Group. This curriculum encourages children to learn about Jesus and HIs love and saving grace. Each week the children will read from the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Sunday School is at 9am and Worship at 10.

Coffee, fellowship, and goodies in between.